Owners and Innkeepers, Pat and Bill Appleman, bring a warmth and genuine caring for their guests in sharing what is the Creekhaven experience.  They both came from military families that ended up in the Washington DC area, and met over thirty-five years ago while working at Marriott’s first hotel in Arlington,Virginia, just a stone’s throw from the Pentagon.  Pat was the Assistant Front Office Manager and Bill was the Assistant Bell Captain.  Providing gracious hospitality always came natural to both of them.

Bill left the hotel industry to pursue an MBA and career in marketing while supporting Pat’s quick career rise where at the age of 28 she was the resident manager of Marriott’s Santa Barbara Biltmore and one of a handful of female executives at that time in the Marriott hotels. After a twenty year career in the hotel industry, Pat decided it was time to be a full time mom to their kids Ryan and John as they were entering their teenage years.  She loved being with the kids during this special time in their lives, but always had the dream of someday operating her own Bed and Breakfast.

During the 1990’s, Bill was riding the Internet boom working with large government agencies and Fortune 50 companies assisting them with their Internet and network security needs.  He was fortunate to be working with some of the brightest minds and pioneers in the industry at Advanced Network and Services, a company that was originally formed to takeover and manage the NSFnet.  At that time, ANS was the backbone of the US Internet and the largest ISP in the world.  Bill discovered he had a knack for understanding and taking bleeding edge technology and applying it to the needs of his clients.  The government quit funding the backbone and the company was first bought by AOL, and a few years later bartered over to Worldcom where once unique offerings transgressed into also ran commodities.  After the tech bust Bill left for AT&T, but after two years came home to Pat and said “let’s try this Bed and Breakfast dream of yours.”

Ryan and John were both in college and Pat and Bill looked forward to this new experience.  They spent a year visiting Bed and Breakfasts throughout the country and researching everything they could about the industry as they wrote their business plan and searched for that perfect Bed and Breakfast.  Their search led to Central Texas, where Bill was born, spent his formative years and attended college.  At that time, Pat and Bill’s oldest son Ryan was following in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps by attending the University of Texas at Austin.

Bill always loved the hill country, and he knew they had found the Bed and Breakfast they would call home the first time he saw a picture of what was then Singing Cypress Gardens, a tired Bed and Breakfast on the banks of the Cypress Creek.  Creekhaven was born, and they have thoroughly enjoyed their lives inviting guests to experience this magical and wonderful property.

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